Joni and Leah the Overcomers

An old snake went to see his Doctor. “Doc, I need something for my eyes…I can’t see well these days”. The Dr  fixed him up with a pair of glasses and told  him to return in 2 weeks. The snake came back in 2 weeks later and told the doctor how depressed he was. The Dr said,“What’s the problem…didn’t the glasses help you?” “The glasses are fine doc, but I just discovered I’ve been living with a garden hose the past 2 years!”

Wisdom from Joni Eareckson Tada:

“There isn’t a pain you endure or a disappointment that you face that God has not already overcome. He fully and completely understands your fears and frustrations, your hurt and weaknesses, and even your anger. So today, join me today in thanking and praising God for loving the world so much that He would give His one and only Son. That’s enough to calm all of our hurts!”

“God only gives me grace for today; He expects me to live this day, right now, in His strength, leaning on His wisdom and drawing on His power.”




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