On Having a Bald Headed Ballerina Perspective & Such

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Q: In what country is Thanksgiving ironically not celebrated?
A: Turkey.
* * *

Q: If you call a large turkey a gobbler what do you call a small one?
A: Goblet.
* * *


Q: What was the turkey suspected of?
A: Fowl play.
* * *

Why did the turkey cross the road?

To prove he wasn’t chicken.


Is turkey soup good for you?

Not if you’re the turkey


Why did the person quit smoking cold turkey?

Because the feathers made him cough.


Why did the turkey bolt down its food?

Because it was a gobbler.


What do turkeys like to eat on Thanksgiving?

Nothing, they’re already stuffed.


Did you hear about the conservative turkey?

It had two right wings.


May your stuffing be tasty
May your turkey be plump,
May your potatoes and gravy
Have never a lump.
May your yams be delicious
And your pies take the prize,
And may your Thanksgiving dinner
Stay off your thighs!


What do you get when you cross a centipede with a turkey?
Drumsticks for everybody!


This gal inspires me:



Her quote that she’s practicing in living color, “You don’t have to let cancer consume your life.”

Thanks for sharing this with me, Carol!  I love her  “Bald Headed Ballerina Mentality”and want that perspective for me too in my cancer battle!

Learning to practice choosing joy when I don’t feel like it but need it most,





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3 Responses to On Having a Bald Headed Ballerina Perspective & Such

  1. Joyce Patten says:

    Paula, you are definitely rocking that ” bald-headed ballerina mentality” very well. The turkey jokes are a fun prelude to the holiday. One of my favorite memories of Thanksgiving was when my husband was in the hospital and we packed up food, table wear, and even joyful music and celebrated in his room. May you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving and make wonderful music together. Big hug! Joyce

  2. carol says:

    Hey Paula,
    I agree wth Joyce! You’re rocking the bald headed mentality! I’m glad the article /video motivated you. I hope that you all have a wonderful holiday. I’m still praying!

  3. Nita Zelenak says:

    Just saw a cute Thanksgiving cartoon – a blind man with a cane and an axe is walking through a flock of turkeys and all the turkeys are saying “moo!”

    Happy Turkey Day to you.


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