Choosing Joy Like My Very Own Weather, Sky, and Oxygen

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 Quote from the site below the poster:

“Choose Joy.

The universe works this way: you can choose joy like your weather, like your very own sky. 

Like your very own oxygen.”  



I have a different perspective on references to the Universe.  My personalization of the quote to fit it for me would be this for my 1000 gifts gratefulness list:


953. “Choose joy, moment by moment, Paula…the kind that has nothing to do with circumstances and emotion and everything to do with God and His goodness.  Because the joy of the Lord is my strength: I can choose joy like my weather, like my very own sky. Like my very own oxygen.”   (adapted quote from



Some of you guys might enjoy poking around the website. I love the music and photography  there: and there are some treasures and wonderful quotes on the site as well as in the book the author of the website has written “1000 Gifts: A dare to live fully where you are”.  That book spurred me on to write down a 1000 gift gratefulness list in my blog through the storms of cancer and continues to do me a world of good.



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2 Responses to Choosing Joy Like My Very Own Weather, Sky, and Oxygen

  1. Kathy Geiger says:

    Dear Paula,
    So glad you are still blogging. I had my last herceptin infusion yesterday. I had a needle biopsy today which was negative. So, I am good to go for another 4 months. Yahoo! Praise God. He is so good. Thank you Jesus. You are amazing. I love you Lord.
    And I love you guys too. God Bless. Kathy

  2. Paula says:

    Dear Kathy,

    I am THRILLED for you! Hooray for celebrating the grand finale of a year of Herceptin! Yippeeee on a negative biopsy! I am thanking God with you. 🙂


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