Welcome to Pilgrim’s Pathway,  our journey together with Him!

At the present time, our journey has taken a somewhat unexpected and difficult twist, in that on December 30, 2010 (our 21st anniversary) during a well woman exam, Paula’s doctor found a lump in her breast.  A mammogram and ultrasound, followed by a biopsy, determined it to be aggressive, invasive, multi-focal breast cancer.

Paula, with the help of some friends, spent several weeks researching various options to decide on a plan of attack.  She has decided, as her Plan A, to implement the Gerson cancer therapy, designed to help strengthen her God-designed immune system and help de-toxify her body so that it can better fight the cancer.

Paula is planning to follow the strict Gerson protocol for at least 8 weeks to evaluate whether it’s effective in her situation.  If not, then she’ll consider the more drastic/invasive options of Plan B (breast removal) and/or Plan C (chemotherapy, radiation, & other drugs).  If it appears to be effective, she plans to continue the Gerson therapy for the full recommended period.

We would appreciate your prayers for:

  • Healing – that God would use this Gerson therapy. These first eight weeks are especially critical, as we wanting to see if the Gerson therapy will be effective in Paula’s situation.
  • Paula (and all of us) to rest, trust in, and walk with the Lord.
  • Strength & endurance, as both the cancer & the protocol are difficult.
  • Folks to come alongside and help us with juicing, etc.

For our latest news & prayer requests, we invite you to visit our News & Prayer Requests page on our JPOliver.com website, located at www.JPOliver.com/news.

We would also invite you to join Paula’s Partners, a Lotsa Helping Hands community where folks can volunteer to help by providing an occasional meal or helping Paula with juicing, produce washing, or other daily tasks. 

(For future reference, we’ve also included links to Pilgrim’s Pathway and to Paula’s Partners on our JPOliver.com website.)

Thanks for your love and prayers, John & Paula 🙂